Working in a foreign country can be an exciting and transformative experience, especially for professionals in the tech industry. This May, Techbank Software has the pleasure of welcoming back our member of Java Developer Team – Cong Thieu. And today, we are honored to interview Công, a talented developer who will share his insights, challenges, and growth during his time abroad. He also provides the younger generation with a unique perspective and helpful advice on working and learning on the same career path as his. 

Q: Welcome, Công! What circumstances led you to receive the opportunity to go to Japan for an experience?

A: Thank you for having me! Working in Japan was an incredible experience. To be honest, I had never really thought that I would be lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Japan for an experience and learn for 6 months. The door unexpectedly opened for me when the Japanese director from our client’s company visited Vietnam for a business trip, and fortunately, I became the candidate chosen and recommended by him to go to Japan to enhance my knowledge and experience.

Q: Could you share some interesting experiences about the people and culture of Japan over the past 6 months

A: The past 6 months have been a period where I have been not only immersed in work but also immersed in experiencing the beautiful aspects of Japanese people and culture. The work culture is meticulous, and attention to detail is paramount. The dedication and discipline displayed by my colleagues were truly inspiring. I had the opportunity to collaborate on challenging projects, working alongside talented individuals who pushed me to broaden my skills and think outside the box.

Q: How did your time in Japan contribute to your professional growth as a Java developer?

A: Japan has a deep-rooted appreciation for technological advancements, and the software development industry is no exception. The exposure to cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, broadened my horizons. I gained valuable insights into their implementation and learned to leverage these advancements in my Java coding practices. The precision prevalent in Japanese work culture instilled greater attention to detail in my coding, resulting in improved code quality and efficiency, as well as improved time management and communication skills. 

Q: Were there any notable challenges you faced during your time in Japan?

A: Certainly! One of the significant challenges was adapting to the language barrier. While many professionals in Japan have a good command of English, the majority of communication, both in and out of the workplace, is conducted in Japanese. However, the team at TechBank Software Company provided language assistance and organized language lessons, enabling me to navigate through everyday situations. Additionally, I made an effort to learn basic Japanese phrases, which helped foster better relationships with my colleagues and clients.

Q: What advice would you give to other developers considering an opportunity to pursue the same career path as yours?

A: First and foremost, embrace the experience with an open mind. Be prepared to adapt to new work practices, cultural norms, and etiquette. Learning the language, even at a basic level, will enhance your integration and communication with colleagues and clients. Make an effort to understand the work dynamics and collaborate effectively within the team. 

Công’s journey of learning and growth in Japan exemplifies the transformative power of pursuing knowledge abroad. Through his dedication, perseverance, and open-mindedness, he has gained valuable insights, refined his technical expertise, and broadened his horizons. Công’s experience serves as an inspiration for aspiring developers worldwide, reminding us of the immeasurable benefits that come from embracing new cultures, pursuing continuous learning, and exploring opportunities beyond our comfort zones.

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